‘AnubhutiBhawan’ is the Main Center of the ‘Brahma Kumaris’, situated in New Gurugram. It serves as a communication hub for many  meditationcenters located across New Gurugram.  Presently, this geographical range includes a total of 12 Geetapathsalas and 2 Sub Centres.Each centre a place which offers silence, time and guidance for self-introspection to innumerable spiritual seekers. At important times in their life’s journey, hundreds of spiritual students and well-wishers connect to ‘AnubhutiBhawan’ for deep, intense practice of meditation. ‘AnubhutiBhawan’ thus finds a place at the core of many deeply significant personal stories of self-transformation, besides being the mainstay for the administrative directives for associated Rajyoga centres.


Exclusive 3,000 sq. feet three-storeyed campus with Basement
AC Classroom (250 capacity)
Meditation Rooms
Training Rooms
Administrative Office
Accommodation facilities