Heart TreeThe BrahmaKumaris establishment in Gurgaon dates back to humble beginnings as a rented apartment in Saraswati Vihar in Sector-28. During 1992-99, daily spiritual classes and meditation sessions were imparted to its over 45 students attendees, under the able guidance and leadership of BK Leela(From Sakar Baba).

BK Kusum, another able Godly student and teacher, joined her in the year 1997, managing daily affairs and conducting spiritual classes, when until in the year 2001, the establishment moved to another rented apartment in Saraswati Vihar. This was then subsequently purchased in 2003, and saw an increasing student attendance of over 150 students, while it was simultaneously under-going renovation till until 2012. Today, the largest BrahmaKumaris centre is based out of its Saraswativihar establishment in DLF Phase 2. It has over 11-12 Sub-branches and 2 sub-centers, Gita Pathshalas, where over 400 students regularly benefit from the teachings and meditation classes conducted.